Letter from the Director-September 2023

School has been in session for two weeks already. We are filling our families bags with school lunch items. The produce from Mill Valley and other community gardeners is coming in fast and furious. Many thanks to everybody who harvests. Our pantry is getting busier and busier with 2 to 3 new families coming per week. We are keeping our heads above water being able to serve everyone who comes to the pantry. I would like to thank John at RPM services who outfitted our pantry with fresh corn. We are now looking with fall and winter right around the corner where our families need to put grocery money toward heating their homes. We had quite a group of teens working with us this summer. They were hard workers and much appreciated.

Please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping. Every little bit in our barrels help.

Thanks for your generosity.


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Muskego Food Pantry