Letter from the Director-June 2023

Look at me…it’s June 1st and I’m doing my page. Woo hoo. It’s going to be a hot one today. It is a challenge for our volunteers who set up all of the bakery and some perishable items outside. The sun really does a number on the bread.

We are purchasing food to try and keep our shelves stocked. Our numbers are increasing every week. It is garden time. Please keep us in mind when you are planting. Our families love the fresh produce.

As always a big thanks to everyone who donates. We wouldn’t be able to keep our shelves stocked without you. Our barrels are back out in our parking lot. It is for non-perishable items only!!!

This letter is kind of short because there really isn’t anything new and exciting to talk about. Enjoy your summer and drop some home lunch items in the barrels to help feed the kids who are home from school.

Thanks for your generosity.


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