Letter from the Director – July 2023

It is finally starting to cool down. Should only be 80s today. Hot weather takes a toll on our families energy bills just like winter does. We can hopefully help them with their grocery bills. Our numbers keep increasing due to the economy and singles losing their food share benefits. We could really use some businesses, churches, or other groups to hold some food drives. Food drives help because it keeps our volunteers busy with sorting, date checking, and stocking the donations. We have court ordered community service youth working with us also and we are running out of things for them to do.

Garden harvests should be coming in shortly. I’ll thank in advance everyone who donates their freshly grown produce. Everyone loves fresh produce. As always please keep us in mind when you do your weekly grocery shopping. Everything we receive is appreciated.

Thanks to everyone in the community who donates. We wouldn’t be able to help so many without your help.


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