Letter from the Director-February 2023

We’re winding down from our busy holiday season. I still have thank you letters to get out to all of the people who donated to us through “Lights on Glencove”. It was a rousing success again this year. Many thanks to Jason Stark and his family for their commitment to the food pantry.

Our numbers will be increasing in March due to the demise of the additional money added to Shares food program during the pandemic. We are doing pretty well thanks to our corporate sponsors, churches, and community members who keep our shelves stocked.

We have helped seven teens fulfill their community service requirements. They have helped stock our shelves and perform custodial duties at the pantry.

We have had to remove our donation bins from our parking lot because people have been placing perishable items in our bins that thaw and make a mess. Also, during the cold winter months, non-perishable items do not fare well outside in our bins. We have barrels located at: Piggly Wiggly, Pick n Save, city hall, and the library if you need to donate non-perishable items. If you need to donate perishable items, please call us and we can make arrangements or we are at the pantry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-10:30 and all day on Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who donates, every little bit helps.


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