Letter from the Director-January

Be careful in our parking lot it’s a skating rink out there. We are busily sorting and stocking shelves from the food that was donated by very generous people and groups over the holidays. The holidays were challenging with Christmas Eve and New Years Eve both falling on a Thursday. We were closed for Christmas Eve and were open from 1-4 on New Years Eve. New challenges come with the New Year. Still using our COVID protocol with no one coming in to our building to receive food. The new procedure works well for most. A little more work for our volunteers.

We are very thankful for everyone who was so generous this year. We thought the pandemic was going to get the better of us but with the community’s generosity our shelves remain to be stocked.

We are all waiting for a time that we don’t have to wear masks 24/7 and can have a little interaction with our famililes.

As always please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping and drop something a little extra in our bins.

Thanks for your generosity!


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