Letter from the Director-September 2022

Good morning, everyone…school is back in session so please be careful when driving. Look for the buses flashing lights and stop sign. Also, we would appreciate any school lunch friendly items donated in our barrels. We have all noticed the increase in prices of all of our groceries, this especially makes a difference when you are on a fixed income.

We truly appreciate all of our community gardeners donating fresh produce. Our families love it. We are already starting to plan ahead for the busy holiday season. Yesterday the news stated the price of turkeys has increased 57% over last year. We hope we can still offer turkeys this year. Many thanks to our volunteers who tirelessly come in and give of themselves every day. We wouldn’t be able to stay afloat without you.

Please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping. Every little bit helps.

Your generosity is appreciated.


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