Letter from the Director-November

Let the games begin. We are starting the busy holiday season. We are picking up 44 turkeys from Feeding America this morning. I will be purchasing another 40 or so from either Aldi or Walmart, whoever has the best price. Most of our barrels are out in the community for the holiday food drives. We appreciate every citizen, business, school, and church who thinks of us during the holidays trying to make it special for our families.

Tudor Oaks is adopting some of our kids for Christmas, Muskego High School, Bay Lane, St. Paul’s,
St. Leonard’s to name a few are keeping our shelves stocked during this busy holiday season.

I would like to thank Cross Star, Inc. who humanely raises cows, and pigs to donate fresh meat to the Muskego Food Pantry along with Mukwonago Food Pantry, Feeding America and others.

As always please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping. Everything is appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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